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The following applies for providing ATC in the UIR sectors, and shall be respected accordingly:

  • Although the UIRs are "Control Sectors" (not advisory service), they use the _FSS suffix (except EURM, which is _CTR), but all provide ATC services.

    This is a temporary workaround as our current VATSIM server software provides limited radar- and radio range (600nm) for our UIR ATC purposes, when using the _CTR suffix. Future VATSIM server software will hopefully enable custom Callsigns to have an extended range. When that happens, this item will be amended accordingly.
  • ATCs must read any Special sector instructions (included as a Readme.txt file within the UIR sector zip-file) prior to connecting online.
  • Prior to login, a reservation, of at least one hour duration, must be added in the EUC vACC ATC Booking System.
  • Once logged on, there is an obligatory minimum online presence of 60 minutes.
  • It is prohibited to provide FIR services (lower airspace), like departure clearances, taxi and takeoff instructions, and approach instructions, even when no lower local ATC is present.
  • A template for the EURx sector ATIS is available here.


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