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As a "Special vACC", the EuroCenter vACC does not have any permanent members or training department. All our controllers are "Visiting Controllers" who meet the following criteria for membership:

  • Hold a permanent VATSIM rating of Enroute Controller (Controller 1) or above;

  • Be a member of one of VATSIM Europe Region's three divisions (EUD, UK and RUS);

  • Qualify for a "Special Endorsement" as specified in the Global Ratings Policy v2 and the EUC vACC Application Policy

Members Roster

EuroCenter vACC

Visiting Controllers

CID Name Sector(s)
810809 Andreas Fuchs I, M and W
811064 Peter I Nielsen N, S and I
811317 Mike Sweeney All
812336 Jonas Rettum N
812494 Ian Livesey W
841181 Florian Harms S, E, M, and W
842985 Frederic Navarro W
856109 Chris Pawley W
874505 Samy Jay Greve I,M and N
947977 Florian Weingartner W
951459 Daniel Rechberger I, M and N
955560 Henning Jacobsen E, N and W
962820 Kim Strandsbjerg N
963239 Apostolos Damkalis E, S ,W and M
983333 Pedro Azevedo E and W
985361 Pedro Diogo All
1008925 Necmi Tekin Silistireli S
1012739 Morten Jelle All
1023183 Mateusz Bucholski E
1027276 Tolis Perifanakis M and S
1031024 Adam Arkley I
1044078 Abdelrahman Elfeky E, M, I and W
1045706 Yannic Brodersen M, N and S
1052945 Noi farhi S
1059148 Daniel Tilly W
1084842 Miroslaw Majerczuk E,S
1091056 Michal Majerczuk E, I and S
1096476 Filip Markoski E, S
1099570 Pelle Klein E, N, S and W
1107190 Miguel Frias E, I, N, S and W
1117392 Michal Fira E, I and W
1128333 Guy Barr S and W
1138158 Claus Hemberg Jřrgensen W
1146085 Dieter Windels W
1151068 Kyle Watkins W
1153772 Jesper Wiebus E, N and W
1158939 Jonas Kuster M, S and W
1161277 David Lee E, I, M, N, S and W
1168623 David Rozsenberszki E
1175094 Mauro Gerber W
1178638 André Bohni W
1180739 Eric McCarthy E
1180849 Panagiotis Konstantinidis S and M
1190571 Jakub Kolar E
1191352 Daniel Haineala E, M, S
1192433 Marek Sobaniec E
1200325 Aur Bogdan Dragos E, I, M and S
1210214 Andreas Dermitzakis E, M, S and W
1226374 Lukas Agerskov W
1241902 Ray Frenkel S
1261552 Itay Gross E,W,M,S
1267411 Jonas Dold E, M, N, S and W
1270116 Pawel Pawlik E, M and N
1277097 Lars Toenning W
1280619 Janeks Tompolskis E,N
1284448 Sören Jung W
1289478 Joseph Donat Bolton S
1293716 Sebastian Walter N and W
1295083 Ryan Steffe S
1302142 Alex Beavil E
1302635 Christian Helti W
1302911 Maxim Redlinger W
1304151 Layth Al-Wakil W
1306415 Chriss Klosowski I
1313538 Matthew Campbell W
1314934 Yannik Zech W
1315348 Eoin Motherway W
1317981 Simon Vandersnickt W
1320216 Patrick Bürhaus W, M
1325300 Julius Mannermaa N
1339353 Adrian Bjerke N

Applicants awaiting approval

CID Name Sector(s)
842558 Dominik Samuelis I
864808 Oliver Smith W
868552 J. Adolfo Medina W
889092 Nisim Shoval E
966135 Fabio Zappacosta W
1043751 Oscar Andersson W
1087967 Gábor Pongrácz E
1096507 Bernardo Reis W
1137757 Or Bahtari S
1155582 Naadeem Zabaneh N
1166497 Diego Martinez N
1189209 Shachaf Yasurr S
1189687 Luke Collister W
1194659 ALAN COOKE I
1211630 Anastasios Karagiannopoulos S
1213862 Arturs Akimovs N
1218327 Casper Hvid Rasmussen N
1260885 Sachin Gnath W
1273992 David PETIT W
1288133 Jonas Richter N
1299635 Oliver Hayes E
1300686 Bence Bozi E
1306312 Brodie Murdoch I
1342084 Joshua Micallef S
1414710 Niels Mostmans E

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