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Joining the EuroCenter vACC

Before applying for visiting controller status with the EuroCenter vACC, please take a moment to read through the information provided in this website, such as Sectors, Operations and Procedures. Applicants are expected to have thorough knowledge of the modus operandi and procedures of the EuroCenter vACC and VATSIM EuroControl sectors prior to submitting their application.

Criteria for membership application:

  • Be a member of one of VATSIM Europe Region's three divisions (EUD, UK and RUS);

  • Hold a permanent VATSIM rating of Enroute Controller (Controller 1) or above;

  • Qualify for a "Special Endorsement" as specified in the Global Ratings Policy v2, including a minimum of 75 hours online as a Centre controller (xxxx_CTR) holding a Controller (C1) rating on a European Region position;

  • The EuroCenter vACC does not have a training department, formal mentoring programme or provide controller training. Applicants are expected to have significant experience on their local CTRs prior to considering submitting an application for visiting controller status with the EuroCenter vACC. All applicants undergo an informal induction session on their first sector, at which point they will either be fully authorised to control on their own or referred to their local vACC for further CTR training on their local CTR sectors;

  • Please note that a pre-requisite for endorsement on EURM is to have at least 50 hours' experience on another EuroControl sector, therefore EURM is not available as an initial sector;

  • As a Special vACC, and with all sectors being Designated Major Sectors, which require an endorsement, the VATEUD Senior Controller Roaming policy does NOT apply to the EuroCenter vACC.

If you are happy that you meet the above criteria and would like to continue with your application, please fill out the application form below.

Your Full Name  
Your VATSIM-registered email address  
Your permanent VATSIM rating  
Any additional rating, such as SUP or ADM  
Your preferred initial sector  
Please tell us a bit about your previous controlling experience and other experience which you feel might be relevant, such as real world experience.  
How much time would you be able to staff a EURx sector per month?  
Please tick to confirm that you meet all the requirements above, including completion of 75 hours online as xxxx_CTR in a European Region position

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