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Requesting Eurocontrol ATC positions for events

  • The Eurocontrol positions are guest ATCs for each underlying FIR. It is therefore required to first contact each respective country's VACC along the route, to request their Centres to be online for the planned event. A list of all VATEUD VACCs with contact information is available from the VATEUD web.
  • After having completed step 1 above, a Eurocontrol request may be sent using the form below, providing the following required details:

    (Ensure you have confirmation that local VACCs have been contacted, indicating whether any local Centres will be available (or not) for the event.)
    Your name  
    Your email address  
    Event Date  
    Virtual Airline name, or Event Sponsor  
    Event website  
    Departure airport and time of departure  
    Destination airport and time of last arrival  
    EUC vACC Positions Requested*  
    Number of confirmed pilots  
    Comments (including which vACCs have been contacted and the response received)  


    *To determine which Eurocontrol sector(s) cover the route of the flight, please check this page.




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